Friendly Elephant

Elephants are my favorite animal. Someday I’d love to ride an elephant. Advertisements

Please Don’t Eat Me

I think I most enjoyed taking photos of this tiger. I thought this young girl looking at the tiger was too cute.

Large Sea Stars

Sunken Ship

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to own this boat.  

Tropical Fish

I recently explored my local zoo and aquarium. I went extra early to take photos without too many people. It was a lot of fun.

No Coins Please

This photo is the bottom of the water fountain. I like how the water ripples and you can see the different rock colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I have so many colorful photos that I can’t wish to share. My purple for this week’s photo challenge is kale. This photo was taken in winter and ice crystals formed on it.

Water Fountain Spray

I zoomed in closer to really view the water droplets from the fountain. I wish I could control the shutter speed on my digital camera to capture the water differently.

Spiral Stairs to Fountain

I feel in love with the swirl stairs to walk near the water fountain. 

Fountain Discovery

I promised to show more of my water fountain photos. Mainly because I have too many and I want to share more. This photo was taken looking down into the fountain. This was… Continue reading