Please Scoop Poop

I thought this was a humorous sign while taking my walk. Every street lamp had messages to make the community a better place. 

What’s Happening?

While on my walk I discovered this notice board. Everyone wants to know what’s happening in their community, although this notice board didn’t appear to be used too much. I captured the notice… Continue reading

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

I’ve never tried bubble tea, but I’ve heard it tastes good. I thought this sign looked, well bubbly and happy. I also captured this sign in black and white. Which do you prefer?

Coffee Anyone?

Here is a photo of a simple sign for coffee. I’m curious why there are mice on the sign. There are coffee places everywhere, since I live forty minutes south of Seattle. Starbucks… Continue reading

Sweet Cupcake

There are now so many cupcake places, but I enjoyed this sign because it simply had just a cupcake. Hmmm, I wonder what flavor I would pick.

Carousel Fun

I saw this carousel when I was about to leave the zoo. I was alone, but if there were children with me I would have definitely ridden the carousel. However, everyone can be a child… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I taught in China six years ago, so of course I visited the Great Wall of China. It seemed to continue and grow in all directions.

Swimming Manatee

Friendly Elephant

Elephants are my favorite animal. Someday I’d love to ride an elephant.

Please Don’t Eat Me

I think I most enjoyed taking photos of this tiger. I thought this young girl looking at the tiger was too cute.