Graffiti Car

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Patriotic Flair

  LeMay Car Museum 

Horseless Carriage

  LeMay Car Museum 

1906 Cadillac

  LeMay Car Museum 

Vibrant Mustang

Recently I visited a new museum in my city, Tacoma, Washington. It was the LeMay Museum, which is a wonderful car museum that features car collections from the early 1900s to modern hybrids.… Continue reading

Geometric Shadow


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  While in downtown Tacoma, Washington, I stumbled upon this ‘bicycle’. It amazed me of how many interesting objects were attached to the bicycle. I’m not even sure if someone’s able to ride… Continue reading

Whose Shadow is That?

I thought the tree’s shadow on the grass looked very mysterious.

Conservatory: Fish Pond

Conservatory: Look Upward